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Onanong Aticombunthidkul

Physical Therapist

I've been a physical therapist in the US for more than 30 years. I am interested in mind-body medicine and have a holistic approch, both body and mind, in my practice. I've learned various alternative medicine such as acupunture, functional medicine, nutrition, mind-body medicine and energy medicine, etc. I've integrated these knowledge in my practice as a physical therapist.

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    New York
  • Specializations

    In my 30 plus years of practice as a physical therapist, I have been in all kind of settings such as outpatient neuro/ortho/pain management, acute care, TBI, home care, snf, short term/ longterm rehab and pediatrics, etc. This gives me the whole picture of a person's mobility health. My current interest is in mind-body approch in pain management, following foot steps of Dr. John Sarno or Dr. Howard Schubiner.

  • Credentials

    I am current licensed to practice physical therapy in the state of New york. I also have a MPH degree and many certificates such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and energy medicine, etc.

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